LaSalle Park Softball Complex

6600 Airline Drive, Metairie La. 70003

La Salle Park boasts four state-of-the-art softball fields.  It is located very close the the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and is a surprisingly easy drive from the French Quarter.  Please see the maps below for directions.


The French Quarter is bounded to the south by Canal Street.  (If you see Esplanade Avenue, turn around.)  Cross Canal Street and the first major thoroughfare you will find is Poydras Street.  From Poydras Street you have three options:

Poydras Street to I-10 to Airline Driveš to Hickory/Dickory Avenue and La Salle Park:

This is the easiest route, if not the fastest due to traffic lights on Airline Drive.  Turn right on Poydras and go past the Superdome.  The I-10 on-ramp is to your left after the Dome.  Stay in the right lane as the Airline Drive exit (and Carrollton Avenue) is the first set of exits.  They curve a bit so follow the signs and you should end up on Airline Drive headed west toward the airport.  Start paying attention when you pass Clearview Parkway.  The next lights include Transcontinental Drive, Airline Park Drive and then, at then, just past the Taco Bell, will be David Drive.  David Drive changes into Hickory Avenue as it crosses Airline Drive, and then will change to Dickory Avenue.  (Yes, there is a Dock Street and a Mouse Lane.)  Turn left there (you should already see the ballpark).

Poydras Street to Loyola Avenue to Earhart Boulevard/Expressway to Dickory Avenue and La Salle Park:

This is by far the fastest route albeit there is one tricky spot.  Take Poydras Stret past Loyola Avenue, make a u-turn and come back to Loyola Avenue.  (If the is a big dome next to you you are in the right place.)  Take a right on Loyola and go under the interstate overpass.  DO NOT take your first right as that will put you on I-10.  Basically, while still under the overpass you will be able to take another right onto Earhart Boulevard.  (If you pass a sign for Simon Bolivar Avenue you are in good shape.) Below is a map of this little area:

Then just stay on Earhart.  It will pass Jefferson Davis Avenue and Carrollton Avenue, but pretty soon will turn into the Earhart Expressway.  The Earhart Expressway ends at Dickory Avenue.  Veer right when it does, go over the overpass and La Salle Park's entrance is your first right turn.

Poydras Street to I-10 to Carrollton Avenue to Earhart Boulevard/Expressway to Hickory/Dickory Avenue and La Salle Park:

This is what Bing Maps might tell you to do.  Just don't.  But this is the map, anyway.  You really do not want any of the I-10 West to South Carrollton experiences if you are not really familiar with the area.


¹  By no means to be associated with the Reverend Jimmy Swaggert, because we changed "Highway" to "Drive."

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