New Orleans SAE Alumni Association

The New Orleans SAE Alumni Association was formed in 1985 as a way to bring together SAE alumni from any chapter living in the New Orleans area. The alumni association is open for membership to any SAE alumni living in the New Orleans area regardless of chapter affiliation. The New Orleans SAE Alumni Association started the SAE World Series in 1986 and has successfully hosted the event in New Orleans every year.

The current officers are:
President Aaron Miller (Tulane)
Vice-President Ron Rigamer (LSU)
Treasurer   Harvey Burns ( Ohio State )
Secretary Alex Hand  (California State University San Marcos)
SAE World Series Chairmen Geary Mason (LSU) and Ron Rigamer (LSU)

Please support your local alumni association by participating and paying the dues. Annual dues are only $20 per year or $250 for a lifetime membership. You can make checks payable to NEW ORLEANS SAE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and either bring it to the meeting/crawfish boil or mail it to:


New Orleans SAE Alumni Association
P.O. Box 2683
New Orleans, LA 70176


New Orleans SAE Alumni Rejects Squad

The “Rejects” is a softball team of New Orleans SAE Alumni Association members who have participated in the annual SAE World Series every year since 1986. Rumor is that the original Rejects members were “rejected” from other teams in the SAE World Series and came together to form a team. The Rejects take special pride in their SAE World Series history. In most years, the Rejects do not pose a serious threat to advance in the tournament. The high point in Rejects history came in the 1992 SAE World Series when the “Cinderella story”  Rejects upset many teams and advanced to the championship game against the Southern Mississippi Alums. The Southern Miss Alums held a 1-0 lead after the first inning when the game was cancelled due to lightening. The Rejects insisted that the Southern Miss team take the 1st place trophy after the game was cancelled but the game was never officially played beyond the first inning. All scores of the Rejects 1992 and all other year’s games can be found on the “history” tab of this website. In the late 1990s, the Rejects team played in an open softball league at New Orleans City Park and won the league championship numerous times and always had winning seasons.

The New Orleans SAE Alumni Association successfully hosted both the 1993 and 2009 SAE National Conventions in New Orleans. Both national conventions were co-hosted with the SAE World Series on the same weekend as both events complimented one another very well.  In 2006 at SAE Leadership School, the New Orleans Alumni Association was awarded the “Outstanding Alumni Association Award“.

In recent years, the Rejects team has been so popular that a Rejects II team was formed to accommodate enthusiastic alumni.  In the 2012 SAE World Series, both the Rejects and Rejects II faced each other in the consolation round of games and both teams were so decimated by injuries that they merged to form the All Rejects team. The merger didn’t help as they were destroyed by the South Florida Alums 24-4 in the next game.

The Rejects II

The Rejects players excel at the tournament’s party on Saturday night in the French Quarter, often outlasting all other teams.

Any SAE alumni in the New Orleans area is encouraged and welcomed to be a Rejects player. If interested in playing for either Rejects squad please contact Geary Mason or Ron Rigamer.

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