All-Decade Team: 1990-1999

" The SAE WORLD SERIES ALL-DECADE team includes the tournament's best from 1990 to 1999. Individuals were selected based on votes taken from tournament participants who participated in the SAE WORLD SERIES from 1990 to 1999."


1st Team

2nd Team

Pitcher David Cuevas (So. Mississippi Alums)  Geoff Harris (Southwest Texas)
Catcher Steve Burke (Texas A&M Alums)  Adam D'elia (South Florida)
1st Base Tom Foley (South Florida)  Scott Lowrey (Southwest Texas)
2nd Base Tim Valdez (South Florida) Tom Harrison (Florida State Alums)
3rd Base Andrew Fleischecker (South Florida) Virgil Rook (Florida State Alums)
Shortstop Jeff Hermes (Texas A&M Alums) Michael Rowells (So. Mississippi Alums)
Left Field Darren Waugh (So. Mississippi Alums) Ben Betts (Florida State Alums)
Left Center Field Adrian Castilleja (Southwest Texas) Joey Barthes (So. Mississippi Alums)
Right Center Field Ron Draa (Florida State Alums) Steve Hamm (South Florida)
Right Field Blaince McAnnally (Texas A&M Alums) Scottie Warren (So. Mississippi Alums)
Designated Hitter Patrick Morris (Florida State Alums)  John Voitier (Christian Brothers) 
Coach Steve Birk (South Florida) Jim Pope (So. Mississippi Alums)
MVP Tom Foley (South Florida)  
Best Team South Florida  
Most Popular Team Rejects  
Best Dressed Team Florida State Alums  
Farthest Distance Traveled Cal. State Northridge   
Most Improved Tulane  
Worst Team Legion of Doom  
Most Spirited Cal St. Northridge  
Most Valuable Guest Host Jim Pope (Supreme Council)  

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